Paterson = Over

You have to wonder if Gov. Paterson ever wishes that Eliot Spitzer would have never been the f’n prostitute steamroller…he could have went about with his Lieutenant Governor gig having a grand time.

Well, Paterson is having a grand time and so are we with him as the Governor of the most excellent state of New York.

If his chances of getting re-elected to the state’s top job seemed slim two days ago, they just got slimmer yesterday.

He has no shot at winning this fall.

The worst part about this is that unless someone besides Rick Lazio emerges in the race for the gub seat, Andrew Cuomo will be New York’s new boss come 2011.

Heck, if the current scandal facing Paterson brings him down and forces him to resign as governor, Richard Ravitch could be holding court in Albany soon.

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