New York and its subsidiaries ain’t never gonna change

People who think we can look to the Dems or Rebubs and magically elect change for New York are sadly mistaken.

Whether we are talking about political leadership in Cheektowaga or Cayuga County or Albany, the political machines rule all…their sticky fingers reach from the tip of Long Island to the Youngstown.  They are FAIL machines.

Take for example the Erie County Democratic Committee’s decision yesterday to back William Stachowski’s and Antoine Thompson’s bids to get re-elected to the New York State Senate.

They could have decided to at least not back anyone, but their decision has little or anything to do with what is right.

By receiving the backing of the ECDC, a whole world of support for their campaigns is in place.  Everything from how donor money is funneled to them to how the ECDC’s ground troops are assembled to support the campaigns.  It leaves any challenger deep in the hole right out of the gate.

The ECDC also had a resolution passed “urging” Andrew Cuomo to jump in the game for governor.  Wouldn’t it have bee great if they would have resolved to say we want better for WNY and won’t be backing or urging anyone until we see the field set.

Same goes for the Republicans who have all but given Rick Lazio the nod statewide as the GOP nominee for governor.

It is like a never ending nightmare getting replayed each election cycle.

I don’t think it is ever going to change and how can we change it?

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