Laura Cummings

The story of Laura Cummings is horrific

Equally as horrifying is the thought of other people out there in Erie County or the world suffering in the same manner…they have no one except their abusers in their lives.

Tom Bauerle is talking about it this morning on his show and is asking pretty much the same questions on a lot of people’s minds who have become familiar with the story.  How could this happen?  Who dropped the ball in county’s Child and Adult Protective Services departments?  Who else knew about what was going on and did nothing?

This quote is from Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III in the Buffalo News:

There were a lot of people who knew what was going on and said nothing, and that is a sad commentary on the human condition.


Anyone who knew about this and didn’t try to intervene in some form are guilty themselves.  Why did Erie County Social Services fail in rescuing this person from hell?


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  1. I live in North Collins and it offended me when Sedita said that. Not everyone knew what was going on…and trying to put that off on our community is just wrong. CPS and APS should have done more…there was reports coming in…they had to act on them.

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