Off Asses and Elephants: You are dumb


The self righteous Asses are all in a tizzy over the threats of violence, actual vandalism and God knows what against people in Congress responsible for getting the Health Care Reform Bill passed.  Their own anger isn’t anything more than politics.

The actions by the people who are involved in any of this behavior are certainly deplorable and it should be condemned.

A lot of Demoncrat politicos, bloggers and media are eating this up…why?  It is an opportunity to marginalize people against the POTUS and the health care bill.  They want people to think that everyone who is against the bill is some crazed lunatic with a gun and is racist…blah, blah, blah.  Political ploy…

On the flip side, Republicans and right based politcos, bloggers and media do the same sort of thing to the left.

By both doing so,  in a sense, marginalizes us all.  They think we are too dumb or naive to see through the garbage they wield.  There is a serious lack of respect for the intelligence of the general population of the country.  Respectful or not, there are a lot of people who fall for it and parrot the talking points of Demoncrats and Republicans and support the machines of both.

Honestly…I think Washington is out of touch in more ways than one with all of us.

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