Pay to Play for Democrats

Want access to Demoncrat mover and shakers down Albany way?  All you have to do to be a player with the players is pony up a minimum of a cool $25,000.

From Albany’s Times Union:

The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee asked for a minimum contribution of $25,000 from businesses, which is half of what they solicited from labor leaders for a similar labor advisory council, first revealed by the New York Post.

Members may participate in an “exclusive” policy briefing, campaign briefing and leadership meeting.

Crazy ladies and gents…just crazy.

I also love the answer Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson, D-Brooklyn gives to somehow justify the practice…

Republicans have engaged in similar practices.

That statement somehow makes is supposed to make it right?!?!?!?!

Prime example of why nada is ever gonna change in the Empire State.

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