As far as hot dogs go…Buffalo kicks NYC’s arse

I was reviewing a list of some of the nation’s best hot dog joints on MSN…Ted’s made list…how could it not.

Thinking about Buffalo’s wiener culture, it doesn’t only stop at Ted’s…their are many fine establishments that offer a great dog…Connor’s in Angola comes to mind…but…a lot of it starts with the actual root of what makes a good dog a good dog…in Buffalo we have some kick ass wienies with Wardynski’s. Sahlen’s or Camellia’s…these producers of the meat that goes in the bun are far and away some of the best places in the nation.

Also included on MSN’s list were Nathan’s (barf) and Gray’s Papaya (barf) from New York City…I have had both while in the Big Apple and frankly, after all the build up on both, I was not impressed.  Like I said, it starts with the meat in the bun…the only thing I could compare both with are hot dogs of lesser stuff like Oscar Meyer or Ball Park Franks…a mighty YUCK!

I am sure there are better places in NYC…then again, maybe not.

Our food culture here in the B-lo is very cool…I am not talking about the pretentious foodie offerings, but hardcore regular people food.

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