Andrew Cuomo is talking to the people of Buffalo

Loved Ron Plants’ interview with Andrew Cuomo yesterday while the next preordained governor was in town for nothing more than a taxpayer funded campaign stop.

Right from the start of the interview you could tell Cuomo was not pleased with the line of questions being thrown at him by WGRZ’s Ron Plants and his arrogance shines through. Plants was right to ask Cuomo about doing his announcement on expanding pension padding investigations in four upstate cities and the costs involved in doing such a whirlwind tour. Arrogant, arrogant, arrogant…

This guy is going to be our next governor…Y I K E S!

At one point during the video, he says “he has a lot of friends here in Buffalo.” Yep he does…just skim through Andrew Cuomo 2010, Inc’s election financial disclosure statements and just see who his “friends” are.

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