YzzO spelled backwards…

For as much as I think that Ozzy Osbourne has become a parody of himself, Ozzy still rocks!!!

‘Let me hear you scream’ is a cool tune and I am excited to hear the rest of his new album of the same name when it comes out June 15th.

This new single single was first heard on the April 14 episode of ‘CSI: NY.’

‘Let me hear you Scream’ will be the Oz man’s 10th solo studio album and his first since 2007. It is the first to not feature guitarist Zakk Wylde since 1998’s ‘No Rest for the Wicked.’ Gus G is Ozzy’s new guitarist…Gus is really Κώστας Καραμητρούδης…a Greek guitarist I have never heard of. Ozzy’s early albums with Zakk Wylde were great…the last couple sounded stale and like b-tracks from Wylde’s Black Label Society band…disappointing.

If this first track is an indicator, the album is going to rock.

I cut my rock-n-roll teeth on Ozzy back in the day…still love his music!

Log live OZZY!

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