You Will Respect My Water Authoritah!

Watch and get a lesson as to why the political class here in WNY takes us for a ride.

WGRZ’s Aaron Saykin had a little fun with the perspective candidates to fill the board of the Erie County Water Authority (ECWA).

From the WGRZ story

Many of the applicants, including its current chair who is seeking re-appointment, struggled with some basic questions about the authority and its operations.

The authority is frequently criticized for having plenty of political patronage on its payroll. Its three board members are also political appointments, which the party bosses typically try to control. The board has two Democrats and one Republican, although that can flip if the Republicans control a majority of legislature seats. The board members serve three-year terms.

This ECWA is the type of place that is a poster child for what is wrong with local politics…pay to play to play to pay.

I know local governments are chock-full of all types of patronage jobs, but where does it end?

What gets me most about the ECWA and why it stands out is that political players are brazen in their quest to place people on its board. They know we know that it stinks to high hell, but they just don’t care. To me, that is the bottom line…they just don’t care.

I am sure I wasn’t the only one loving Aaron Saykin’s story as it unfolded on the TV screen. It made the people applying for the board and the process itself seem like a joke. Unfortunately, the joke is on us.

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