I just want a county government without all the political BS

Erie County…

The constant sniping between the Erie County Comptroller Marc Poloncarz and the Chris Collins administration is a joke.

The latest drama stems from Poloncarz wanting copies of the personal financial information a number county employees are to required to file each year to meet the county’s Code of Ethics.

From the Buffalo News

For months, aides to Chris Collins have refused to turn over the trove of documents. Now Poloncarz, a lawyer, will ask a judge to make it happen by backing up his subpoenas.

He will argue his “order to show cause” before State Supreme Court Justice Donna Siwek on May 27.

“If they had just followed our initial request, we would not have even gotten to the subpoena phase,” Poloncarz said of the county executive’s staff Thursday.


A official in the county executive’s office said he tried to work out a compromise, but Poloncarz rebuffed it.

“We need to protect county employees from fishing expeditions,” said Christopher M. Grant, Collins’ chief of staff.

It is all political…no bones about it.

Why can’t Poloncarz and Collins work together?

It is all political…no bones about it.

Where does that leave us county residents?

Let me tell you where…we have people in power who choose to fight over political crap instead of  fighting for us.  That is county government in a nutshell here in Erie County.

If you factor in the circus that our county legislature is, you begin to wonder what county government is really all about.  It is something that has little to do about us.

One thought on “I just want a county government without all the political BS

  1. Sadly, bad government and hot politics are our chief export in WNY. I am of the Alan Bedenko school of thought….county government is a useless layer and should go. For the amount of actual work they do, let the cities, towns and villages handle their own affairs.

    For the record, I would rather see an efficient county government and all the towns and villages go, but the county government is the worst run thing I have ever seen…outside of Greece. And if the cities, towns and villages are run poorly it is easier to vote the scoundrels out on that level.

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