Some thoughts while letting the Byrd wife sleep in on Mom’s Day

What a great story

Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News

University at Buffalo’s Dan Bishop broke his neck during a wrestling match in March…today he walks across the graduation stage!!!  Great story…

SNL amd Betty White FTW

Betty White’s appearance on Saturday Night Live last night lived up to all expectations.

A sampling…

It is snowing

Seriously…there are flakes a falling outside the Byrd’s nest right now…Buffalo weather…love it!

New York State Budget

I wish the state would simply go bankrupt…it would be fitting considering the bankrupt politicians who have run the state into the ground…it also may be the only way we could ever get Albany to truly reform.

Happy Mother’s Day

And finally…

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom…to my wife…to all the moms reading this…God bless you all!!!

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