School Board Vote Fail Part III

Last week I wrote two posts about the abysmal turnout in Buffalo for school board elections…here and here.

Looks like the uncommon council of Buffalo was listening…

From Buffalo Rising:

The Council adopted a resolution sponsored by Council Members Joseph Golombek, Jr. and Michael Kearns calling for an amendment to the New York State Education Law that would allow the Buffalo School Board elections to coincide with the general elections held in November. Holding separate Buffalo School Board elections costs in excess of $150,000 each year and in the most recent election held on May 4, 2010, only four percent of eligible voters cast a ballot. The Council maintains that having the Buffalo School Board elections coincide with the general elections in November would be more cost effective, facilitate wider public participation, and would make candidates more accountable to a larger voting population.

Good to know I am driving legislation and political discourse in Buffalo with my little blog here.  🙂

Seriously though, having the election of board members as part of the November general election seems like a no brainer…that is why it probably won’t pass in the uncommon council.

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