Being President Obama…

Before I get to what the title of the post reads, I wanted to write about the web.

I have been blogging and doing internet based things for awhile now.  Along the way, I have met  and connected with a lot of cool interesting people from the B-lo and beyond.  That is the beauty of it all.   I tried putting together a list of folks I have got know over the years because of the intertubes…plain and simple, it is mind boggling.

The internet has also allowed me to become active in a multitude of things I would have never imagined 15-20 years ago.  Again, that is the beauty of it all.  The power of being online and the interconnection it brings has changed the world like few things ever have.

Where am I going with this?  Back in the mid 2000s, when blogging was really taking off in the B-lo,  I got meet Dan Meyer through his now defunct blog Random Thoughts 101.

Dan gave up the blogging thing a few years ago when he became the editor of The Hamburg Sun.  He has evolved into quite the writer as well.  He writes a syndicated political column for Weekly Independent Newspapers of Western New York.

He hits a home run with his latest column, “Obama has learned it’s hard to make and keep friends in the White House.

From it…

Despite all the television cameras, photo opportunities and daily briefings that are broadcast across the world, being president of the United States of America is probably the loneliest job in the country. You are asked to make tough decisions as an elected official who will never be able to please everyone and you often find yourself walking a long and lonely road towards the eventual end of your term, whether it is for four years or eight.

Just think of George W. Bush…by the time he was said and done, his party was distancing itself from him while the left blamed him for everything under the sun.

Read the full column here and check Mr. Meyer out weekly…good stuff.

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