Obama administration not that slick in oil spill handling

With the coverage intensifying on the environmental impact of the oil spill, it is becoming clear that Obama administration has dropped the ball in handling the aftermath.

The federal government couldn’t really do anything to help BP in plugging the actual leak on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.  Where the administration has failed is taking charge and getting ahead of the game in handling the spill cleanup…or at least showing they have a clue.

The bottom line is when the leak is plugged, there is going to be a massive cleanup needed in the Gulf states.  BP has promised to shoulder most of that, but Washington needs to be involved and at  a high level.  It is a shame that the administration is only now recognizing this.  I don’t buy their response about following BP’s lead.

What I think is that the administration’s response was played not to have BP”s fail attached to Obama.  It is clear that they have miscalculated this approach.  Don’t think for a minute that Obama and company didn’t spend time strategorizing  on how to play this.  The problem is that it looks like they have played it wrong and now are restrategorizing to make it look like Obama is concerned.  He is visiting the area Friday.

Scary stat from the spill

BP estimates that there are some 6 million barrels of oil in the water, whereas scientists have estimated the figure is more like 11 million.

That’s a lot of oil…

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