The Buffalo News has a point on the Peace Bridge companion

The Peace Bridge saga…

I honestly feel like I will be 70 before a companion for the Peace Bridge is ever built.  With my personal thoughts aside, the Buffalo News has an editorial on the what the final design of the new bridge should be.

What happens here in the B-lo way too much is having a small number of people having a large influence over something effecting us all.  A good example is when the Buffalo Zoo wanted to get bigger and better by moving down to the First Ward…a very small and squeaky group of people put the kabash on it.  Whether you thought the idea was good or bad, having a tiny group be a major player in influencing the outcome on such a project is a disservice to the 99.999999% of the rest of us.  I think projects like this should be put to the voters to say yes or no to.

The same should be for the Peace Bridge companion…

I know there was a public review process for companion options, but are the findings of 600 people who participated in the review truly representative of what most people in the region want, probably not.

This is from the Buffalo News today

All five of the designs that were publicized, posted on the Internet and explained in a series of public meetings have been held environmentally responsible enough to suit the relevant officials. With that important concern rightly addressed, and with all in varying degrees meeting a “green” standard that also considers the number of piers in the water, it seems clear that the most inspiring design is the one that should be adopted.

It was thus a disappointment when the most recent public review process showed a clear preference … among the relatively few people, 600 in the entire region, who weighed in before the public comment period closed … for the lower-profile option featuring three arches.

All public comments are important and must be weighed, but the survey was hardly scientific and 600 responses in a region of 1.2 million people is a small, and not necessarily representative sample, as even critics of the overall bridge project have pointed out.

The arch design, rising no more than 226 feet, was dubbed the most environmentally friendly of the remaining options. Viewers noted it complements the existing Peace Bridge … although it will be the crossing long after that aging bridge is gone. But when all of the options have taken environmental needs into account, the one selected should be the one that is the most beautiful, not the most apologetic.

They B-News goes on to point out other factors to consider when selecting the bridge…all should be looked at in determining what is the best option.

My fear is that too much emphasis will be paid on the public review process and we are going to end up with the a craptacular companion.

The saga continues…

3 thoughts on “The Buffalo News has a point on the Peace Bridge companion

  1. Hey, the original debate way back when said we’d have a bridge by … 2010. Same group who torpedoed the Zoo shot the casino in the foot too, resulting in the skeletal structure rusting downtown today. I agree with the piece and you, leaves you wondering why and all it does is drag things even further

  2. I helped torpoedo the plans to move the zoo from a critical mass of cultural tourism to a toxic waste site. Our slogan was Improve, don’t move the zoo. The zoo is now better than ever.

    The anti-casino crowd had much less to do with the casino skeleton than the economy did.

    The Bridge thing is a different issue entirely. The bridge has never been the problem. The problem has always been the plaza. There is still no coherent plan to fix that.

    And while I am at it, why do we even bother with northern border crackdowns when the southern border is a sieve?

  3. Dan,

    Good points…but I still don’t like the idea of a small group of people, whether right or wrong, influencing decisions that effect all of us.

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