Saving Sloan from the ugly reach of Kevin Gaughan

If Kevin Gaughan was a real advocate for change here in WNY, he would go back to talking about regionalism and stop his self-aggrandizing tour through WNY’s villages.

Mr. Gaughan’s village tour isn’t about change…it is about GAUGHAN.

Me thinks the village thing is an easy way for Gaughan to stay in the news.

That aside…Gaughan wants to merge the Village of Sloan into Cheektowaga.  Anyone who would want to get rid of the Village of Sloan must be an evil person born out of the fires of hell.

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2 thoughts on “Saving Sloan from the ugly reach of Kevin Gaughan

  1. tell mr gaughn to keep his loud mouth out of sloan. he has caused neighbors to turn on each other. friends who were friends snub each other. he is a lier tells people they can pocket there village tax but your taxes will go up no matter what the town of cheektowaga will absorb that tax. who will pay for these workers unemployment tax payers who will pay for if they retire tax payers. people could loose there homes if cheektowaga comes in sloan could look like lower east side and we do not need any rift raft here. sloan shall live on. do you know mr gaughn is also behind on his taxes and he calls him self a attorney who is never in court. he better have eyes in the back of his head

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