Saint Adalbert Basilica, Facebook and Me

I am skeptical of Facebook’s ability to draw people to events and causes. In the past, I have gotten mixed results with different things I have promoted…some have turned out great and some not-so-great.

Just because someone becomes a fan or likes something you do on Facebook, it doesn’t translate into tangible support.  I think people get too carried away with the number of people who click to support them or become a fan of what they are doing whether it be for a business, cause or event.  It is just too easy to click on something on Facebook and never give it a second thought.

Enter Saint Adalbert Basilica…

The Basilica has about 700 Facebook fans…I created an event asking if Saint Adalbert’s could get at least 200 of these fans to attend a mass on 07/25/2010.

So…now we will see what happens!!!

I do think Facebook is a part of the mix in promoting things, but I do think people put too much stock in its effectiveness.

Oh…COME TO THE MASS…Saint Adalbert’s is truly a magnificent church!!!

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