Latest Canal Side Renderings…No Bass Pro

I just had one of the latest renderings sent to me via email…it looks like the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. is planning for life without Bass Pro in the mix.

From my source at the ECHDC

We have decided to move on from Bass Pro and are in negotiations with Dollar General to create a one of a kind retail experience at Canal Side with Dollar General as our new anchor partner.  The plan is to create the world’s largest Dollar General.  With Dollar General as our partner, we believe will be adding the right retailing element to attract millions of visitors to Canal Side every year and other development.

Great news!!!

3 thoughts on “Latest Canal Side Renderings…No Bass Pro

  1. I have a novel idea. How about the government zoning the parcels and building the roads and bridges? Then sell the parcels on the open market to the highest bidder. Make the area a “program-free zone”. Then sit back and watch the combined power of millions of consumers determine the highest and best use for each parcel. I’ve never seen a crystal ball that can do that, but business owners and consumers sure can.

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