Righting a colossal Sabres wrong

If the above pics posted by Icethetics are indeed the new third and road jerseys of the Buffalo Sabres, it will fix one of their biggest off ice blunders of all time.  I know it is only a jersey…but the when rumors started to swirl in 2006 that the Sabres were going to go back to the blue and gold jerseys after the being with the black and red uniforms for a little over ten years, I got excited.  I never like the switch from blue and gold to red and black.  After the new jerseys were unveiled and the Sabres ended up with the slug, I was not pleased.

I never bought into Larry Quinn’s lame explanation that the old cross swords logo couldn’t work with the new style NHL jerseys.  Honestly, I think the Sabres had too much $$$ put into the slug to pull the plug on it after it wasn’t well received.  Sabres fans lived with it.

Now it looks like we are going to see the slug go bye-bye for good. AMEN!!!

I like the new third jersey and how it pays tribute to Buffalo’s AHL team the Bisons with the lettering of Buffalo.

The Sabres’ third jersey from the last few years will now be their home jersey.

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