Under the big tent it’s STATUS CUOMO…

The problem for Andrew Cuomo is that he and his super duper campaign team simply don’t get it.

Like Eliot Spitzer in 2006, Cuomo has been the preordained next Governor of New York here in 2010.

Team Cuomo can’t accept or even acknowledge that some jamoke from the B-lo has inspired a lot of people around New York to give up on the establishment candidates for the state’s top job.  They don’t understand his appeal and the anger New Yorkers feel.

Andrew Cuomo is a cookie cutter politician…someone with a polished image and a polished message.  It just doesn’t resonate with voters here in 2010.

People are sick of it…a lot of people.  They look at Cuomo as a phony.  They look at Carl Paladino as someone they can identify with.

It is a tough pill for the political establishment to swallow.

As the race tightens, you have to wonder how Cuomo is going to deal with Paladino.  He can’t simply brush him off as some type of bit or fringe player in the race. The mo as in mentum is on Carl Paladino’s side right now. Cuomo’s team needs to get their collective s**t together or they are going to find themselves on the outside looking in November.

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