Audio Carl Paladino: HELLO, I Feel Pretty

The Cuomo camp doesn’t have to do anything to try to derail the Carl Paladino campaign.


He is doing a pretty bang up job of doing it himself on an almost weekly basis.

Paladino doesn’t like gay people.

From CNN and from Carl

“There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual…”

Nice Mr. Paladino…just nice.

And…who in the heck from Camp Paladino advised him that this would be okay to put out for public consumption at an appearance in Brooklyn yesterday???

Audio: Carl Paladino “Hello, I feel Pretty”[audio:]

Just something I whipped together tonight…it is play on Paladino’s “Hello” commercials from a couple of years back mixed with “I feel Pretty” of West Side Story fame.  Enjoy…

5 thoughts on “Audio Carl Paladino: HELLO, I Feel Pretty

  1. Cuomo is part of the problem.
    Paladino is a problem.
    NYS needs another candidate to voice voter discontent with our dysfunctional state government…NOTA (None of the Above).
    Only Nevada has this option, this group: is looking to give this option to more states…
    It is not a write in option but “NOTA” is an actual choice on the ballot…probably the best candidate for NY State and if that were a choice for state senate and assembly just think of the potential cost savings on staff and salaries and travel and per diems? $200-300,000,000?
    How would the NOTAs caucus to gerrymander their new districts when NY loses 2 more congressional seats due to the ongoing exodus after the 2010 census?
    Paladino or Cuomo?
    I choose NOTA!

  2. The problem is as Drew says, Cuomo is part of the problem.

    With Paladino and Cuomo we have a lose lose situation.

    I like the idea of “Nota” In NY though, the system is rigged to keep everything the same and next to impossible to change.

  3. Seriously…we are screwed…I was thinking today that I thought I had seen it all with the state and then comes along the 2010 gub race.

    Unless there is the political will to change things…well…it ain’t gonna change.

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