Off Asses and Elephants: Voter Apathy Edition

I read this on Facebook earlier today…it relates to the New York governor’s race.

“Welcome to NY State. Looks like we are gonna have another shitty governor.”

That is about the most politically astute statement I have heard in the last few days in relationship to governor’s race.

voter apathy: lack of interest in voting in local and national elections, especially when one party regularly has a large majority or when people feel they have little influence in influencing decisions that affect their lives.

I struck out the first part for good reason…this is where I am at.  Though there are a variety of people running for governor, the big two parties in the state have given us Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino…unfortunately, one of them is going to win.

One…part of the political elite…the other…a multi-millionaire.  I don’t think either are about us.

The other day, Drew posted this in a comment on my Audio Carl Paladino: HELLO, I Feel Pretty post

NYS needs another candidate to voice voter discontent with our dysfunctional state government…NOTA (None of the Above).

Only Nevada has this option, this group: is looking to give this option to more states…

It is not a write in option but “NOTA” is an actual choice on the ballot…probably the best candidate for NY State.

It would be great to have an option like that.

With New York’s economy in the tank, this governor’s race has sadly become about everything except issues and ideas…there is  about three weeks left, I doubt if any serious consideration or coverage will given to all that should matter in a election of this magnitude in our struggling state.


In the absence of having a NOTA option, try one of these candidates on for size…

Jimmy McMillan, Rent is 2 Damn High
Warren Redlich, Libertarian
Howie Hawkins, Green
Kristin M. Davis, Anti-Prohibition
Charles Barron, Freedom

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  1. As you have probably already surmised on my own FaceBook page, I am disgusted with all of our choices. What a pathetic group of people to represent “the people”…… 🙁

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