Hopefuls Gubed it up at Hofstra

They came…they never really debated…and none of them conquered.

Republican Party candidate Carl Paladino,  Democratic Party candidate Andrew Cuomo, Freedom Party candidate Charles Barron, Anti-Prohibition Party candidate Kristin Davis, Green Party candidate Howard Hawkins, The Rent Is Too Damn High Party candidate Jimmy McMillan and Libertarian Party candidate Warren Redlich all took the stage Monday night in what will be the only debate featuring all of the governor hopefuls.

Some thoughts…

  • I thought the format was bad considering the number of candidates in the debate.
  • There were no fireworks.
  • Carl Paladino looked awful and never went on the attack against Cuomo…who coached him is what I want to know?
  • Andrew Cuomo played it safe.
  • Warren Redlich seemed to be the only one who made good use of his time during the debate offering clear and concise answers and ideas.
  • Howie Hawkins came a close second to Redlich in the idea department.
  • Quote of the night came from Jimmy McMillan and his response to “Do u support Gay Marriage Yes or No”: In the Rent is Too Damn High Party if u want to marry a shoe I’ll marry u.”
  • McMillan also stole the show with his appearance…beard and gloves will be stuff of legend…also a majority of his responses, regardless of topic, came back to him tying everything to “Rent is too damn high!”
  • Overall a disappointment…

If I had to pick a winner, it would be Redlich.

If I had to pick a loser, it would be Carl Paladino.  If there were people on the fence about him, his performance surely pushed them on the side of fence that doesn’t have Paladino.  You can probably get the forks out for his campaign.

During the debate, I kept thinking the whole thing is going to make great comedic fodder over the next few day…especially Jimmy McMillan.

I also kept thinking that New York is deep trouble and the two front runners are not the answer…lucky us.

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  1. What is it they used to say…… A mind is e terrible thing to waste? They were all a waste!

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