Just when you thought…

…you couldn’t read another crazy thing about the New York Governor’s race, something else pops up.

Carl Paldino's next boss???

This is great…Larry Flynt of Hustler fame offers Carl Paladino a job.

From Gawker…

“He is a natural pornographer who has a skilled eye for unusual views and acrobatics,” wrote Flynt. “Mr. Paladino has proven throughout his career that he knows how to monetize his interests and his pension [sic] for pornography should be no different. Therefore, I‘d like to offer him the job of executive editor of Hustler magazine. It’s clear he’s better suited to join our team than be the Governor of the State of New York.

“At Hustler Magazine, we don’t ask for forgiveness and we don’t get lost in empty rhetoric,” Flynt continued. “Paladino’s honest thoughts on homosexuality and sex will be a welcome fit. … [I]n urging Paladino to take this offer, I can only quote the Republican Tea Party candidate for the U.S. Senate from Nevada, Sharron Angle: ‘Man up.'”

This race is one for the ages…the more and more I think about the race…the more and more I feel like there is no hope for is poor souls in New York.

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