Election 2010 Quick thoughts in the AFTERMATH


  • Grisanti and Thompson for the NY-60 is stuck with a couple hundred votes between them with Thompson ahead…look for this to get crazy over the next week or so with absentee ballots, etc.
  • Will Brian Higgins be able to bring home the bacon now that he is in the minority in Congress?
  • I was surprised that Philip Fedele (D) did as well as he did against Chris Lee (R) considering he ran a campaign of absolutley nada.  This is the guy who recycled lawn signs from the 1990s in his fight for the US 26 District Congressional seat.
  • What is the state of the Erie County and New York State Republican party?
  • Will Jack Quinn remain in politics after his loss to Tim Kennedy?
  • Can anyone ever defeat Sam Hoyt?
  • Darius Pridgen is now officially a player in City of Buffalo politics…the dynamics of the Buffalo Common Council has shifted to a more Byron Brown friendly place.
  • What will the Town of Alden do without a Receiver of Taxes?
  • With the proposition to downsize the Erie County Legislature passing, how will the lines be drawn?
  • The Green Party will now have a qualified line in New York…this means they can run candidates with relative ease throughout the state.
  • Speaking of New York…will Cuomo be able to really change things?


  • As predicted, the Dems lost control of Congress.  I can’t see anything except nothing getting done for the next two years.  Is working together with the Obama administration even possible?  You just know that the Dems whole goal the next couple of years will be to regain control…will they be able work with their Republican counterparts or obstruct the way the these same counterparts did.
  • Are Republicans in Congress going to alter health care reform?
  • Will Barack Obama be able to refocus his agenda and be able to reach across party lines?
  • The Tea Party…will they continue to be an influence on the national scene?
  • I think we will start seeing the hopefuls to challenge Barack Obama for the White House start making some noise.

Additional thoughts…

  • If anything, Election 2010 shows a country deeply divided along political lines…I don’t expect this to change.
  • I would like to see a new third party…a party more in touch with centrist America…don’t know if that can happen.
  • Next year will be big for Erie County with reducing the the size of the legislature, more budget madness and Chris Collins up for re-election.

It is late…I am tired…that is all I got.

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