Lake Effect Terror in Buffalo and WNY…are we wimping out?

Mother Nature opened a can of lake effect whup ass on WNY a few days back and a lot of people couldn’t deal with it.

Hello…we are from Buffalo.

I can understand people not from here being made of less stern stuff, but locals?!?!?

From listening to the harrowing tales of survival on the I-90 during the storm and people complaining about why their street hasn’t been plowed out a day or so after receiving over three feet of snow, I am beginning to think we are losing our gritty edge here in WNY…sad.

I know people get sick of hearing about our snowy reputation…but has this somehow rubbed off on the collective us in the wrong way where we can’t handle the truth?  It snows here…sometimes a lot…people get stuck in snow…roads/thruways close at times…it snows so much at times that it takes a couple days for our government entities to catch up with it even here in Buffalo and WNY.  By showing the world we can’t handle it, aren’t we in essence reinforcing the image of us being an unbearable snowy wasteland?

I embrace it and so should you.  When the lake effect bands missed the Byrd’s nest, I was more than a little disappointed…I wanted it and felt cheated in a way.

So snow helps define the region…so what?!?!? It is part of what binds us all.

I bought this license plate holder a few years ago…it says…”Buffalo, a cool place to live”…that is the attitude we need to take.

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