Poloncarz Versus Hochul in 2011 County Executive Primary?

Am I the only who has noticed that Kathy Hochul has been making herself more visible lately?

The most recent example of this was two days ago when she gave her opinion on what went wrong during the Lake Effect Terror and wants it fixed.  I mean she is the Erie County Clerk…let me repeat that…ERIE COUNTY CLERK.  When is the last time you have seen a county clerk do something like that?  I thought so.

Unless…she has aspirations for something bigger and better in mind to run for sometime soon…something like Erie County Executive next year.

My sources inside the Erie Country Democratic Committee (ECDC) tell me I am correct…ok…I don’t have any sources, but I always wanted to whip that out.  It makes sense though doesn’t it?

As an aside, the Erie Country Democratic Committee’s website is like trapped in 1997 or 1998…some seizure causing Flash photo gallery on the main page of the site doesn’t change that either…I’m just saying.  Y I K E S!

Back to business…

What does that do to Mark Poloncarz’s plans?  He has long been touted as the next Democrat candidate for county executive.  In 2007, there was a big rift inside the ECDC as to who should be the candidate to face Chris Collins for the county’s top job.  It ended up being James Keane.  Poloncarz played nice and let it happen without a public fight.  Factor in the tough race Poloncarz had against Phil Kadet for Erie County Comptroller last year and the easy victory Hochul had in her re-election to clerk and popularity, their have to be local Dems thinking she may just be a better candidate to unseat Collins than Poloncarz.

All of this will play out in 2011 of course, but you have to wonder if this will lead to a Hochul/Poloncarz showdown in the primary next September.  Poloncarz has been noncommittal when asked if he is going to run.  It will be interesting  to see how it plays out.

I would rather see Poloncarz give up his county executive aspirations and look to the Buffalo Mayor race of 2013…I think he would be a great mayor and could do more for change here in Buffalo and WNY in that office.

We shall see…

One thought on “Poloncarz Versus Hochul in 2011 County Executive Primary?

  1. Personally I would like to see Mark Stay where he is. Doing a fine job and all that. But I also think that he has the better personality to stand up to some of those village idiots currently serving in the EC Leg. As for Kathy, How do you think she would fare as the CE?

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