2 thoughts on “Katy Hochul Part Deux

  1. I have admired the job Kathy Hochul has performed as County Clerk. No one can deny that the local Motor Vehicle Offices run much more efficiently, with greatly decreased wait times.

    That was then, and this is now. I am quickly losing respect for her, as she acts more and more like a typical politician. I was appalled when she started to leverage the Thruway Debacle for political gain. Her claim that she is not running for CE is BS. She may not have technically announced, but she’s going through all the motions. The recent appearance of her advertisement on WNYmedia screams “running for CE”. I would have strongly considered her for CE before, now I must seriously rethink my position.

    She was in a position to let her accomplishments speak for her, now that has changed.

  2. Out of all the local politicians out there, she is definitely one I never would have ever pegged to be a climber…but what do I know.

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