What horrors will World Junior’s bring today?

Five days into the World Junior’s and the horrors abound!

What will today bring?

Honestly, I love the tournament being here, but I wonder if Buffalo’s collective subconscious is just wired to complain and find negatives in everything now…even the positives.

How pathetic WNY and Buffalo must look when out of towners check out our local news and see the top stories in the media with negative news on the tournament.

This doesn’t bode well for attracting future events like this…imagine organizers of other events looking for a home checking out the news here.

It also shows the depths our local mainstream media has sunk to in the news business.

One thought on “What horrors will World Junior’s bring today?

  1. I’ve seen some coverage that includes Canadians talking about how much they love coming to Buffalo for different events, but after reading your blog, I’ve realised that you’re right. Too much focus on parking prices and problems with turnover between games. Do a piece on where to find the free parking, or on how they’ve improved the turnover since the problems with the very first game so that now it’s working like clockwork!

    Personally, all the games are starting to blur together for me, but I am having a most fabulous time, as are all of the people that I’m talking to. I’m hoping that makes the news one of these days.

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