Live Blog of the Live Blog(s) and Tweets from #Hassan Trial

In what I can only describe as a WNY first, I am live blogging the live blogs and tweets from what is looking to be the last day of the Hassan trial.

2:59 PM- I have quickly grown tired of this…I am going to stop now.

2:58 PM – Reading through bunch of tweets basically regurgitating same info over and over and over.

2:52 PM – A lot of tweets from people wishing NYS still had death penalty because of cases like Hassan’s trial

2:49 PM – Multiple tweets thanking Assistant District Attorney Colleen Curtin Gable for doing her job.

2:45 PM – Word from multiple tweets is that there will be no cameras for verdict.

2:44 PM – Seems like everyone in courtroom is tweeting the same thing…BORING.

2:38 PM – Mark Poloncarz keeping tabs on trial from Albany on Twitter

“markpoloncarz Mark Poloncarz:
In Albany to meet with NYS leaders & attend NYS Assoc of Counties conference. Will be keeping eye on twitter for #Hassan verdict today.”

2:27 PM – Crap…my son needs help with his car…I will be right back.

2:21 PM- Someone tweets asking Steve Cichon what is Hassan doing during prosecution’s closing arguments

2:18 PM – WBEN’s Steve Cichon seems to be churning out the most tweets

2:16 PM – Holy crap…there are a lot of tweets with the #Hassan hash tag

2:14 PM – Opened Buffalo News Live Blog on the trial

2:13 PM – Logged into Twitter

2:11 PM – Created this post

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