Looking at an old post on the Sabres

This is my post ‘Sabres Have Tough Road Ahead‘ back on 12/28/2010:

With 46 games left in the season and 92 points left to be had, the Sabres probably need to pick up between 55-65 of them to make it to the playoffs.  It is not that far of a stretch to think that they can do it…but.

The only way to describe this version of the Sabres is that every time you think they are about to go on a tear, something like this past week comes along and makes me think twice about their chances.

The early season hole they have dug for themselves might be a little too much for them to overcome. This team needs to win about 30 of their remaining games.  I hope they can do it, but it is going to be a struggle from here on out.

There are no indications that the Sabres can do it.  Lindy Ruff doesn’t seem to have the answers anymore and neither does Darcy Regier…the formula they have used isn’t working anymore.  The teams lack of scoring…players who you thought would be coming into their own isn’t happening.

This team screams for a massive shake up…not bringing up players from Portland mind you, but an honest to goodness shake up.

You also have to wonder if the sale of the team to Terrence Pegula will have any impact…if this guy comes as advertised, maybe the purse strings will be loosened a bit and some the team will pull the trigger on some high level deals…but no one knows when that will happen.

All I know is that something needs to happen or the Sabres will miss the playoffs for the sixth time in the last nine seasons.

Well folks…about 94.1% of what I wrote above is complete hogwash.

The Sabres did it and HOW.

The team went 28-11-6 since I wrote the post.  They were 9-1-2 in the last three weeks of the season.

It wasn’t easy for them, but the Sabres did it.

I do believe the energy surrounding the Pegula takeover of the team had something to do with it.  But this team was starting to gel right after the New Year.

Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier stuck to their plan and it worked.

Now…it is on to the playoffs and anything can happen.

Go Sabres!!!

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