Empty…New York 26

Empty is the feeling I get when watching the campaign ads for Jane Corwin, Kathy Hochul and Jack Davis.

The race is full of everything we have come to expect in politics.  It is a confusing mess of of what she, she and he said.

Does anyone really believe that any of the front runners really are in this for us?

I know the race makes for great political theatre…but in the end, it really seems hokey.

This is how elections are won…ads with half truths, outrageous statements and each candidate trying to get the upper hand in the dealing crap.

The problem is we fall for it election cycle after election cycle.

The only candidate in this most special of elections I trust is Ian Murphy.

Why?  The guy is real. He is not a shill.  He is one of us.

He has got my vote.

Check out his website:  http://www.murphycanhascongress.com/

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