#NY26 – Attack of the Asses and Elephants

Asses and Elephants. Donkeys and Elephants just doesn’t sound as cool…but me digress.

Here we are, a few days out from the uber special election for the NY-26 congressional seat and the asses and elephants are out in full force demonizing each other’s candidate in the race.

The commercials, the snarky blog posts, the biased punditry and the killing of trees in the form political mailers really bring the DUMB.

People who complain about how the electorate isn’t educated and make their voting decisions based on non-issues are the same people who contribute to the election season din.

It is sad that this crap we see is essentially what gets people elected.

I know if I am sick of it all, that there has to be other people who feel the same.

As I get older, election season seems more and more like silly season to me…a joke.   The electorate isn’t dumb.  The way campaigns are run is.

This is quote from John Stewart’s great speech at the Rally to Restore Sanity:

If we amplify everything, we hear nothing.

At least for me, that is the way it is during election time.

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