My Five Cents: Post Vacation Edition

WECK Changing Format

While nothing in the way local media does business really surprises me anymore, I was sad to learn upon returning from the Finger Lakes that WECK was scrapping it’s talk radio format to play crappy music over a crappy AM signal.

From the Buffalo News:

The format switch followed a housecleaning at the station during recent months in which virtually all on-air talent — including Bill O’Loughlin, Loraine O’Donnell, Nick Mendola and Brad Riter — either quit or were fired.

“Every person I let go I liked,” said Greene. “I developed friendships with these people. It ended up being a business decision, and an end to what started out three years ago as a [talk radio] movement. I thought because of the local ownership and local programming and being able to get into local issues more so than the competition would prove to be successful.”

The bottom line was lack of advertising revenue and poor ratings, said Greene.

WECK was a nice alternative to WBEN and WGR.

I feel bad for Brad Riter…I thought the direction he was pushing the station was great with his concentration on local talk radio throughout the day.   Given more time, the ratings at WECK would have started creeping up.

The Finger Lakes

If you ever looking for a new place to take a vacation or head out on a weekend getaway, the Finger Lake region is incredible.  It has been the Byrd family vacation area of choice for about the last ten years.

Saint Adalbert Basilica

Far too often the Buffalo and WNY community has had little time to react to a closing of a local Catholic church.

The Buffalo Diocese has decided to pull the plug on one of my favorite churches in the city…Saint Adalbert Basilica.

The closing is set for 09/18/2011.

Technically…the church will remain open as an oratory which allows for special Masses…weddings, funerals, etc.  But no weekly Mass will be allowed.

This tactic has been used before at other churches and usually leads to full closure.

The good people at Saint Adalbert’s are fighting back though and have a couple months to do so.

The church is in the black, draws a decent crowd of people every week and has regular events.  It should not close.

Please take the time to send a letter or email to the Buffalo Diocese asking them to let Saint Adalbert’s to remain open.

You can find out more about the effort to save the church by clicking here—>

Silly Season Approaches

In the silly season…I mean election time.

As I have gotten older, my interest in politics lessens.

I am just sick of the whole show.

Sometimes I think that is the plan of the political machines of both the Asses and Elephants…they don’t want us to care or pay attention and leave electing people up to a battle of  special interests.


Being a lifer metal head, my tastes in muzak have been less than main stream for quite some time.

I love when rockers from formative music years still put out quality music.

Such is the case with Udo Von Dirkschneider…the former lead singer of Accept keeps rocking and putting out quality.

The song “I Give as Good as I get” released from his new album is just great…I also like the video a lot.

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