Buffalo Public Schools need radical change

In a school district where students where students have a better chance of not graduating high school than getting their diploma, you need changes that are going to show real progress over time.  Dr. Williams had his shot to turn things around for almost six years.

Steering the Buffalo Public Schools’ ship isn’t an easy task.  It may just be an impossible task for anyone in the super’s seat.  But Williams has built a culture around him unwilling to work with the cards he has been dealt and unable to bring about the change needed.  Is it entirely Williams fault or is it an impossible task inside a system that is broke beyond repair?

When will the state and the BPS realize that radical change is needed in the district?

As with a lot of things in Buffalo, the approach is trying to force a fix on something way beyond the point of fixing inside of a an outmoded system.

What needs to be done is to have the BPS reorganized from the bottom up.

After a plan is developed to reorganize the district, you then go out an hire a super to implement it.

The district can’t keep hiring someone for the top job with the hopes that a single person is going to change everything with his or her plan.  The district needs to take a long hard look at what it is going to take to change things.  If it means blowing up the district in its current form, so be it.

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