Wish I could have just one more slice

As I reported a little over a month ago, the owner of Bocce’s on Clinton Street had suffered a stroke and the pizzeria abruptly closed.

Not long afterward, Rudy Sacco passed away.

From the comment section of my original post….

Vivian Grieco on said

Rudy’s children say good by to a legend. sons: Anthony Sacco, Vincent Sacco, daughter: Mara Sacco and deceased daughter: April Sacco Minieri All children living in Florida. Sad to say there was no obituary put in the Buffalo News Paper

Buffalo has a lot of legendary food places, Bocce’s on Clinton was one of them.  My earliest recollection is going in there with my dad in my pajamas to pick up pizza when I was 3 or 4 years old.  Rudy’s za was among the best in Buffalo.  Even as Rudy got older and I began to wonder how long can he could go on, the pizza never lost its magic.  Perfect sauce, perfect cheese, perfect crust…my mouth is beginning to water just thinking about it.  I wish I could have just one more slice.

If there is pizza in heaven, I hope they enlist Rudy’s help.

My condolences to the Sacco family.

2 thoughts on “Wish I could have just one more slice

  1. You are right, I wish I could have just one more slice too.

    After moving away from Buffalo, the thing I miss most is the food. People from home don’t know how lucky they are.

    RIP Rudy

  2. best pie in town. allways 20 minutes!i would order often being right around the corner! hope someone takes over and finds his recipies ! rip rudy

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