Rescue Me

I have been in an on again off again fan of Rescue Me through much of its run on FX. This season has been great and is the show at its best. When it was announced this would be the final season for the show, I was hoping it would go out in the way it first drew me in. It has. When Denis Leary is on, he is an awesome actor. His role as firefighter Tommy Gavin is truly good stuff.

Last night’s episode featuring Chief Sidney Feinberg’s (Jerry Adler) monologue at the beginning was incredible with its 09/11 theme. It captures a unique side of the losses of that day. (see video above) The series itself in weaving 09/11 into its story is TV at its best.

I am wondering how it is all going to end?!?!

If you have never watched, go rent from Netflix or something.

5 thoughts on “Rescue Me

  1. I love this show. This season is great so far. The whole letter scene last night was funny.

  2. Thanks for posting this clip. Moving. I am also wondering what the end of the series will bring.

    The letter scene with Lou was hilarious.

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