In da Buff (Buffalo, New York)

Video: Louis C.K. on Buffalo


If you have never watched the series Louie on FX, you are missing out.


I love Louis C.K. and his brand of humor.


On Louie last night he did a mini rant on Buffalo. This episode featured Louie heading to Afghanistan on a USO tour. When he asks the soldiers if anyone is from New York, one answers Buffalo. The rant starts from there. I don’t care if people bag on Buffalo…especially comedians. Sometimes you have to take an outsiders view to appreciate our problems.

The episode itself was one of the best of the season.


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  2. Bill

    Louis is my favorite comedian…as much as it might have hurt, I was ok with him railing on Buffalo, although it is a bit cliche. At the same time, you could clearly see it was getting a rise out of the guys so he made the right move to go with it. One of the best episode out of both seasons.

  3. Thomas J. Deering

    I thought I had heard it all…..then he made a William McKinley joke.

  4. Trudie

    I actually saw him in Buffalo once and he made the same jokes. Less funny the second time.

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