Why hockey is cool…

(Jim Kelley on WBEN this morning…)

I have written about this before, but this morning driving the offspring to school Jim Kelley the former Buffalo New hockey writer and current sportsnet.ca writer was on WBEN talking about the Sabres and the All Star game. One of the things he brought up about hockey is that “hockey players are the closest to real people” and “a lot like you and me” which seperates the sport from all the other major sports. This echoes my sentiments fully and I think the love affair we have with the Sabres in large part is because of that. It is something I hope the sport never loses!

As for Jim Kelley, I miss his column in the news…I also miss him having a regular radio show in Buffalo…he can be heard on Toronto’s FAN-590 regularly… After WNSA went off the air, so did Kelley’s local on air presence.

‘Tis a shame…

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