Tom Bauerle: A sound that bites


I was having a perfectly good Byrd morning today…that was until I did my morning cruise through various blogs…when I hit Buffalo Pundito’s, it changed my day…

Why do you ask?

Pundito blogged about Tom Bauerle’s show topic this morning

He’s spending today’s 3 hours basically calling accused bike path killer Altemio Sanchez’s wife, Kathy, an enabler who shares some culpability with her husband. How could a wife be clueless about this, he asks. How could she continue to go to court to support him when he won’t even look at her?

I don’t tune into Bauerle much anymore. After reading Pundito’s post, I had to tune the dial to 930.  I don’t know if I should thank Mr. Pundito or not.

It only took me about five minutes to get disgusted by what I was heariing. 

The only Bauerle moment that compares is when he ABUSED his position to do this

Buffalo radio hit a new low this morning… Tom Bauerle had Terri Schiavo’s aunt & uncle as guests on his show. Regardless of where you stood on the issue, WBEN & Mr. Baurele did something that really illustrates how awful the media has become…especially the local media.

A growing trend over the last few years by our local media outlets is to get a local angle on a national story. No matter what the issue is, our local media can be counted on to find someone or something that ties the story into WNY. WBEN continued this trend this morning by lining up Ken & Linda Blake, Terri Schiavo’s aunt & uncle, one or both of them had lived in the Buffalo area at some point in the past. Having them on wasn’t the problem.

About an hour or so into TB’s show, the news came out the Terri Schiavo had died. WBEN & Tom Bauerle took it upon themselves to be the first to tell the Blakes that their niece had died. Instead of going to a break, telling them off air and letting them go, Tom Bauerle told them live on the radio. When I heard this, I was outraged. I couldn’t believe that even TB would sink this low. Tom had just got through a rant blasting people who were attempting to profit from this whole debacle and then there he goes creating the sound byte of a lifetime. Talk about an opportunist!

If the above wasn’t bad enough, I made my way over to WBEN’s website. The lead article on their site was about the death and A LINK TO THE AUDIO TO LISTEN TO TERRI’S AUNT & UNCLES REACTION TO HER DEATH when they found out. I’ve been searching for the right words to describe this. The only two that keep coming to mind are SICK & DISGUSTING.

Tom Bauerle took advantage of this situation for self-profit. To say this is appalling is an understatement. Tom comes off as some pious dude….looking out for you & me…. Well dude, you showed us what you are really all about today. You thought about yourself instead of doing what would have been the right thing to do.

I wrote that about two years ago on SpeakupWNY.

The thing that kills me even more than Bauerle rambling on and on about Sanchez’s wife are the people calling into his show supporting the things Bauerle is talking about.

I am no legal expert, but what Bauerle is doing is borderline slander.

None of us…that means you, me, Bauerle or whoever don’t know what Sanchez’s wife knows or doesn’t know…Bauerle is essentially calling her out and smearing her…and basically asking his listeners to do the same.

I know Bauerle’s show is entertainment, but a lot of people who listen don’t take it that way…people actually start to believe his BS as truth…that is scary.

3 thoughts on “Tom Bauerle: A sound that bites

  1. Say it with me Chris: “Bauerle is a professional journalist, bloggers are hacks.”




  2. just shut the fuck up whoever wrote this article.

    Seriously, just shut the fuck up.

    Quit looking for holes that aren’t there.

  3. Obviously the replies,such as they were!!,come across as being written by the mindless jerks and sycophants that comprise Toms majority of listeners!!

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