I preface this post by stating that I have always been a huge Clint Eastwood fan. He is bad-ass through and through.

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The above pic is of a statement he made on gay marriage inside GQ Magazine back in October of last year.

When I first read it then, I thought it was refreshing.  He spoke like many of us feel.  It was straight and to the point.  His words made the whole gay marriage debate seem silly.  And silly it is in America 2012.

We don’t get enough of this type of straight shooting from our politicians who feed us perfectly crafted sound bites.  I want our leaders to be real…real like Clint Eastwood.

Based on political ads we see and the other crap politicians throw our way, it must work.  We should be smart enough to expect more from our leaders than slick marketing strategies in the guise of political campaigns.

This leads me to the second Clint Eastwood offering here for you.  It is the ad from Sunday’s Super Bowl for Chrysler.

I know…it is an ad and Clint Eastwood is acting.

But you know what, it fired me right up by hitting on a real level most politicians don’t anymore.  I don’t think he would have done the ad if he felt it was crap.

I have played the commercial a zillion times.  I guarantee that most people who saw it were inspired.  It was reminder of how great we can be as a nation.  It also appealed to a lot people who are sick of the left and right craziness we see.  People who are looking for leaders that aren’t packaged but can actually lead.

If Clint Eastwood would run for president, I would follow.  Why…because he gets what this country needs.

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