Me & Mario Lemieux


An interesting side note to my life on the planet was when I had my picture taken with Mario Lemieux in 1987.

I went to college in Pittsburgh.

If you have never gone to the town, it is worth the 3 and 1/2 hour drive and is a great weekend trip.

I started college in Super Mario’s second year in the NHL.

Pittsburgh at the time was not a hockey town…the Pens were an after thought behind the Steelers and the Pirates…in many ways they still are…but that is another story.

I used to wear my Sabres gear around campus…my Perreault jersey caught the attention of some Pittsburgh hockey chick type groupies at school…a relationship was struck…next thing I know…they were taking me to games.  How cool is that?

Anyhow…being the groupies they were, we would wait after games for the players to come out of the Igloo…one night Lemieux walked right by me the chicks grabbed him and next thing you know…I have my picture taken with him…now it is in the Byrdchives…

The downside to all of it is that the Sabres’ games I went to in Pittsburgh during this time usually ended up with Buffalo losing pretty bad.  This game from the picture we lost 7-3…

The Igloo was a strange place to see games…it was my first experience seeing hockey outside of the B-lo…

The girls I hung with lived in room 3-D in their dorm…I always called them the girls in “3-D”…they were fun and made my transition to Pittsboob easy.

Another funny side note, I used to hook up a huge antenna to my stereo so I could get the Sabes, Bills and Buffalo on the radio…a little fuzzy…but it worked..  


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  1. Where did you go to college in the ‘burgh? My wife went to Point Park. I remember several drunken nights at “The O”. Best fries in the world…

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