Reaction from Presidential Debate Dos

As I sat through what was supposed to be a debate last night, the thoughts that kept on coming back to me were what a load of shit the whole shebang was and the real losers of the debate were us.

We have two people who say they know how to fix everything.  All I saw were two people who are out of touch with the realities of middle America.  There is no way either understand us.  But we sit and watch while force fed small details solutions to broader issues plaguing the United States.  In a lot of ways, it is kind of sickening.

The debates aren’t really about us.  The debates are about the Republicans and Democrats trying get their side in power and enjoy the spoils that go with it.

I read this excellent opinion piece called “Which Millionaire Are You Voting For?” from the New York Times yesterday.

From the column:

In most elections, however, we don’t get a say in something important: whether we’re governed by the rich. By Election Day, that choice has usually been made for us. Would you like to be represented by a millionaire lawyer or a millionaire businessman? Even in our great democracy, we rarely have the option to put someone in office who isn’t part of the elite.


If millionaires were a political party, that party would make up roughly 3 percent of American families, but it would have a super-majority in the Senate, a majority in the House, a majority on the Supreme Court and a man in the White House.

This speaks volumes as to how America has evolved politically.  The common man no longer has a place in national politics.  Our fate as a country is determined by rich elites who have little or nothing in common with the rest of us.

What is even worse is that we as nation buy into the people we send to Washington like there is no problem at all.

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