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I did this slideshow before…but my account was dumped by YouTube for copyright infringement…go figure…’twas the NBA that did me in…anyhow…here is my original post…I re-did the vid a bit…


By the time everything was said and done for “The Rockpile”, the place had seen better days. I only got to experience War Memorial Stadium in its waning years, but it will always have a special place in my Buffalo heart.

– It was the first place I saw a football game at (not Bills, but Buffalo semi-pro team the Geminis)
– It was the first place I ever saw a professional baseball game
– It was the only place I ever saw the Beach Boys
– It was the first place I saw a MLB baseball game…sort of (Pirates vs. Bisons)
– It was the first place I had a job that was beyond delivering papers…working for the Bisons selling programs in 1983…awesome bit here is that I worked there the summer that “The Natural” was being filmed…never saw Redford though…
– It was the only place I ever took the Coke/Pepsi challenge
– It was only place I ever saw an “Old timers” baseball

For a kid who loved baseball, I vividly remember walking into “The Rockpile” for the first time back in 1979…the year the Bisons were reborn in Buffalo…walking through the stadium was incredible for me…the thought that sticks out the most was when I first got a glimpse of the field from high up on the third base side in the stands…amazing…it was major league…

Sometimes I wish I could look at the world and experiences now the way I did as a kid…

I am sure a lot of WNYers have fond memories of the place as well.


7 thoughts on “Video: War Memorial Stadium…The Rockpile…

  1. Dennis Shaw- Beach Boys 1987- Bisons BB- The smells of the BBQ grilling- LOVED THE PLACE!And Yes MISS IT!

  2. Oh yes not only The Butcher but what about the black guy that would come out and rile the crowd up in 7th innings dancing to “Tequila”?
    Closeness of Anchor Bar.
    Damn great old place-shame it had to come down.

  3. Does anyone have pictures of the last game at the Rock Pile? My friend and I were the ones that tore down a goal post. Would love to find a picture of us doing that.

  4. The place had an atmosphere that I will never forget. First time I was there and got a glance at the field and seeing that standing Buffalo at the 50 yard line left a lasting impression. The video slide show is excellent. The Bills won the first time I was there!

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