Sep 16

Video: Buffalo Bills Game Ball Being Delivered via Parachute

Here is a video of a parachutist’s full descent as the game ball is delivered to Ralph Wilson Stadium prior to the Bills vs. Dolphins game this past Sunday.

Technology brings the AWESOME.

Go Bills!

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Sep 16

Bill Murray is Just Plain Cool

I have no idea why Bill Murray has taken up crashing parties and other events, but it is just plain cool.

The video is taken in Charleston, SC where Murray has a home and was featured in a TIME piece. He gets down to “Turn Down For What” at a party.

It makes me want to invite him to a party here in Buffalo.

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Sep 14

VIDEO: I live in Buffalo


There are people, even locally, who passionately hate on Buffalo. They love to see failure and want things to fail. You know the crowd. You see them troll social media and local media comment sections with gusto to poop on Buffalo’s parade.

Then there are the locals whose crazy love for Buffalo is crazy. You know this crowd too. They defend Buffalo to the bitter end and have meltdowns when anything negative is said or written about the city.

Then there are the people in the middle. The people who love Buffalo, but understand its challenges and problems. The people who don’t put on rose colored glasses, but expect better. These are the people who make Buffalo great.

The video captures that feeling of us in the middle.

PS: Brad Riter needs a regular radio gig in this town. That’s his voice on the video. You can hear him over at Trending Buffalo—>

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Aug 14

When Tweeting Pays Off

(click on image for full view)

Last week Wednesday I posted the above photo on Twitter of the Buffalo General Mills plant.

Here’s the tweet:

This morning the Cheerios Twitter account replied with the offer of a free Cheerios t-shirt. Bonus.

Who says this whole social media thing doesn’t pay?!?!

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Aug 14

Dożynki Festival Weekend at Corpus Christi Church


The 35th annual Dożynki Polish Harvest Festival at Corpus Christi Church in Buffalo, New York will take place this weekend on August 15, 16 and 17. The word Dożynki means a celebration of harvest and is a centuries old tradition by farmers in rural Poland.

The weekend long celebration will include traditional Polish food, music and drink. Festival highlights include music by the Melody Lane, Special Delivery, The Buffalo Touch and Phocus, the 7th Annual Buffalo’s Best Pierogi Contest on Saturday, August 16 at 4:30pm and the Harvest Mass on Sunday, August 17 at 11:30am.

The festival opens on Friday, August 15 at 6:30pm and closes on Sunday, August 17 at 8:00pm.

Corpus Christi Church was founded in 1898 and is located in the heart of East Buffalo’s Historic Polonia. It is on the state and national lists of historic places.

For more information about the festival, visit

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