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Video: Jon Stewart Tears Into Eric Garner Reactions – ‘What the F*ck Are You Talking About?’

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Jon Stewart rocks. His blend of comedy and realistic view of what goes on in the media and politics is something needed in the 24/7 news cycle world of craziness. From the video description: After his brief moment of seriousness…
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Darryl Talley is a Hero of Mine


It’s easy to say that football players or athletes aren’t heroes. But people like Darryl Talley inspire us to do great things in our own lives. Sure, he didn’t didn’t do battle in war or protect our freedom or saved…
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#Banksy #Ferguson #Powerful

10336666_10152882077554638_128683237263628481_n copy — banksy (@thereaIbanksy) November 25, 2014 This just really struck something inside of me.

F**K You And All Your False Patriotism

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The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive Maybe it was the whole Republican response to President Obama’s plan for immigration or maybe it was the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee’s report rejecting the…
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Buffalo Strong

[fb_embed_post href=”” width=”550″/] Love this by local cartoonist Rick Manzone. It really says it all about this last week, the #SNOvember storm and Buffalo!

Jimmy Kimmel asks famous people to read some crappy Tweets about them

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As I scroll through Tweets sometimes, I am amazed at the crazy things people will write about others. On the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Kimmel gets some celebs to read some of the crappy Tweets written about them. It does…
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Photo: How the Lake Effect Storm looked from Across Lake Erie

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[fb_embed_post href=”” width=”545″/] Another awesome photo of the “SNOvember” or “Knife” or whatever it ends up being called storm. This one comes from across Lake Erie in Ontario. Very cool and shows how ominous the storm was.  

SNOvember Doritos Banditos caught on Camera?

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[fb_embed_post href=”” width=”545″/] Looks like someone caught the Dorito Banditos in the act on Seneca Street in Buffalo doing the storm on Tuesday. The truck was abandoned during the lake effect craziness as roads became impassable. Angela Oestereich posted photos on Facebook of a…
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