Mar 02

Audio: Ted Nolan Speaks on Pat LaFontaine’s Departure

Ted Nolan

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As the smoke starts to clear from Pat LaFontaine’s departure, one of the big questions out there is how it’s going to impact Ted Nolan’s future with the Buffalo Sabres. I thought he handled his first encounter with the media today well.

Here are a couple of quotes that stuck out.

We traded our franchise player, we traded our captain, that’s tough enough as it is. All of a sudden, a situation happens with Patty. So right now, I really have to put how I’m feeling away to the side and deal with the team.


Right now I can’t even discuss that. It’s such an emotional roller coaster. Right now is not the time to discuss that because of the situation that just occurred. When you’re emotional, you never want to make emotional comments on anything.

What does the future hold for Ted Nolan here in Buffalo? Your guess is as good as mine. If speculation holds that LaFontaine’s leaving had little or nothing to do with Nolan’s future with the club, he’s probably got a legitimate shot at having the interim tag removed. The Sabres are playing a lot better with him at the helm. The question is does he want to stick around after what just happened.

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Mar 02

Buffalo, Welcome to Hockey Hell


As I was making my way down to the Buffalo Sabres and San Jose Sharks game on the Metro Rail Friday, I lost my smartphone connection in the tunnel heading downtown. It was somewhere between the University Station and popping back up above ground in the Theater District that the team had traded Ryan Miller and Steve Ott to the Saint Louis Blues. When the train went back above ground, my smartphone started vibrating mercilessly as word of the trade was lighting up my phone. I couldn’t believe it. I bought tickets earlier in the day in hopes of seeing what was surely going to be Ryan Miller’s last game as a Sabre.

By the time I walked through the doors at the First Niagara Center, the crowd was buzzing with news of the trade. The mood inside was one of the strangest I ever experienced at a game. Everyone around me was talking about the trade. It was just a really weird vibe. I felt cheated and I am sure others did too that we didn’t get to see Ryan Miller’s last home game. The atmosphere was off and there was still this game going on.

A lot of things were running through my mind. How did the Sabres get here? It was just a few short years ago that Terry Pegula took over the team and the blue and gold seemed destined for the glory us Buffalo sports fans have been waiting years for. But here I was sitting in the cheap seats contemplating the reality of the suffering Darcy Regier promised us last year. The Sabres as I have come to know them over the last decade were gone and it was rebuild time. All this while the team won its third straight by beating the Sharks. The victory was bittersweet. I left the game with a sense of optimism that Sabres are doing the things they should have done a couple of years ago to reshape the team by cleaning house.

Fast forward 24 hours when the rumors of Pat LaFontaine leaving became true. My mind was blown. We will probably never get the 100% truth as to what transpired over the last week to make LaFontaine leave. But these last two days have left me wondering was exactly is going on at Sabres HQ. How do you let someone like LaFonatine walk away after a few months? Is the team really poised to do a successful rebuild? It also makes me question the ownership and Terry Pegula’s ability to put the right people in place to lead the team to the promised land.

Pegula’s investment in Buffalo extends beyond the Sabres. But at the core of what he is trying to do is making the team a contender. When he came here, he wanted to make Buffalo Hockey Heaven. The decisions he is making and the people helping him make them point to something else…HOCKEY HELL.

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Oct 26

Sergio Rodriguez Responds to the Buffalo News & [BN] Complacent


When I read the Buffalo News’ endorsement of Byron Brown to continue on as Mayor of Buffalo, it left me shaking my head. The title of the their nod to Brown, While far from perfect, Byron Brown has done enough to earn another term, made me cringe from the get go.

Today, the Buffalo News published Sergio Rodriquez’s response.

News’ mayoral endorsement presents an unrealistic view

On Oct. 24, The News announced its endorsement of a candidate it described as having a “penchant for secrecy.”

In its editorial endorsing Byron W. Brown, The News has used the word “booming” to identify a city that has lost 20,000 residents since the current mayor was elected; a city that has climbed up the ranks to become the 11th most violent according to the FBI; a city whose workforce has declined by 10,000 and is now in the midst of the worst unemployment rate in 20 years; a city that is the fifth poorest in the nation – and poorer today than it has ever been.

How can these crystal-clear facts describe a city as “booming”? I am puzzled by the failure of The News to acknowledge such truths, and address them correctly.

News editorial board members might do well by acquainting themselves with my platform, which is specific, candid and has been freely available to the public on my website for months – much unlike the current administration, which lacks specifics at all levels, and in all fields.

By endorsing the mayor, The News has abandoned its rationality, showing the same level of complacency that the current administration has embraced.

Sergio Rodriguez
Candidate for Mayor

The last line from Rodriguez’s response is the best.

The News has abandoned its rationality, showing the same level of complacency that the current administration has embraced.

The problem in Buffalo is that we too often accept good enough.  If Byron Brown wins in November, Buffalo will have only had three different mayors in forty years by the time he is done with his next term.  If you look at how far the city has fallen over that time frame, you wonder how any of them survived past one term.  And it looks like the Buffalo News is fine with that.  For Buffalo to truly move ahead, it needs a culture change politically.  That starts with the top job in city hall.

Buffalo needs better than good enough.

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Oct 19

Give Sergio Rodriguez Credit cuz the Man is Working it

What do you do when you have shoestring budget to run your campaign with? You do what Sergio Rodriguez is doing here.

You have to admire the way he has gone about campaigning. If anything, it shows how serious he is about doing everything he can to get elected. And if this is an indication at how tirelessly he works, I imagine this would be how tirelessly he would work to make Buffalo better as mayor.

I’ve wrote this before and it deserves to be written again. It is a shame that the local Republican party has not gone all in with Rodriguez. It speaks volumes about where local Republicans are at.

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Oct 10

My Thursday 5¢: Five Videos to Watch

Buffalo Nickel

Malala Yousafzai

Everytime I get an opportunity to hear this incredible girl speak, I listen.

Don’t know who Malala is:

Malala Yousafzai was on a bus returning home from school exactly one year ago,  Oct. 9, 2012, when she was shot in the head by a gunman from the Taliban, which had earlier banned girls from going to school in Pakistan’s Swat Valley, where Malala lived. She blogged anonymously against the edict and later came to be publicly known as an advocate for education for girls. Malala survived the shooting but had to have intensive rehabilitation in England.

In a world where the internet, social media, TV and radio are full of a lot people yelling over each other to make their opinions heard, here we have 16-year-old girl who makes all of that seem so trivial.

These three videos are from her appearance on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart on Oct. 8, 2013.  If you can’t draw inspiration from her, there must be something wrong with you.

Malala Yousafzai the Daily Show Interview Pt.1

Malala Yousafzai the Daily Show Interview Pt.2

Malala Yousafzai the Daily Show Interview Pt.3

Buffalo Style: Saving Saint Ann’s

This great video short comes from the wonderfully talented Christina Abt with’s Marc Odien working his videographer magic.  It captures why Saint Ann’s is important and why it must be saved.

Sergio Rodriguez: We’re In This Together!

Sergio Rodriguez released this great little ad here for his mayoral campaign. If he wanted to package his appeal in a neat little package, this is it. It shows a candidate who has appeal over a nice cross section of people from all walks of life in Buffalo. Someone who just isn’t spewing the tired political ad rhetoric we see so much of.

Why the local Republican powers that be haven’t gotten super behind this guy illustrates what is wrong with the Republican party locally and nationally. They are ignoring him because it isn’t politically prudent. They view the Buffalo mayoral race as no win scenario for them. That’s how it goes for the local party machines. They want to do what’s best for the machine and not what’s best for the voters in Buffalo. With proper backing, I am convinced Rodriguez would’ve had a chance.

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