Mar 12

Niagara Aerospace Museum: Why not Buffalo-Niagara Aerospace Museum?

If you don”t know, the Niagara Aerospace Museum is being evicted by the Seneca Indians in Niagara Falls from their location at Third and Niagara Streets in what seems to be a land grab for the Senecas to expand their casino operations. With that being said, why hasn”t anyone in Buffalo started a discussion with the museum to move some 20 miles down the I-190 to our humble city?

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Mar 11

Christina Abt & Judith Einach

After listening to Christina and Judy on the Einach Report broadcasted over the airwaves via WHLD,

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Mar 09

Send your condolences now…

Jennifer from Jenn”s 14,221 Thoughts posted an interesting blog piece….

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Mar 08

The Sabres…

Good teams find a way to win….

The Sabes beat Boston 3-2 last night for the second time in as many games against the Bruins. Both times the Sabres had to come back…

The Olympic break did nothing to stop the Sabres momentum…

They have 3 wins and 1 loss since the end of the Olympics…AWESOME….

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Mar 08

Always a million things going on…

Again a few days from being in here posting anything…. But if you know me, I have a billion things going on….sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing….. :-)
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Busy with this….. First off… A big Broadway-Fillmore Alive shoutout to Peter Anderson and the Crossroads show.

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