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My 5¢ – 01/15/2013


Buffalo and Hockey I know I am from Buffalo and this makes me biased, but this f’d up mess of city of ours is probably the best damn NHL hockey town this side of the Canadian border in North America….
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Don’t Mace Me Bro

While trolling around the intertubes at the end of the Sabres’ game last night, I stumbled upon this post on ArtVoice’s website. ‘Peace Marcher Beaten and Maced by NFTA Police‘ I know video can put things out of context of…
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The Fisher of Artvoice

Bruce Fisher’s ‘Buffalo and its Discontents‘ in this week’s Artvoice is a must read. The piece points to something I have long thought about WNY.  There is a serious lack of proper leadership to steer Buffalo and WNY in the…
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Artvoice: Terminal Reflection 2

Sometimes my pictures are in Artvoice…”Terminal Reflection 2″ is from an ongoing series of pics featuring the Central Terminal reflected somewhere in B-F. (click here to go to Artvoice and see full view) Can anyone guess what window this is…
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Time to convene and elect delegates to New York State constitutional convention

Some people love him…some people hate him… I don’t agree with everything he has done here in da B-lo, but Mr. Carl Paladino sure makes a lot of sense when it comes to outlining what da heck is wrong with WNY…
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Hats off to Artvoice for this piece on Lois Gibbs

Love Canal…I remember driving up through the neighborhood when my older bro lived in the Falls…it was strange seeing the homes abandoned and boarded up…I would have never guessed my old neighborhood in B-F would look much the same almost…
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Artvoice: What The Market Will Bear

(Geoff Kelly – Artvoice) Noon on a Tuesday at the Broadway Market. Outside a man is hawking athletic socks, while another challenges passersby to a chess game in the scant shade of a maple tree in a concrete planter. About…
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