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BFA PHOTOS: SCVA @ the Buffalo Central Terminal

(click here for larger view of photos) As I wrote before, this is one my favorite Terminal events. The above is a mix of some of the art from the show and scenes from in and around the Terminal yesterday….
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BFA Photos: Fifth Annual Service to Honor Pope John Paul II at Saint Stan’s

  (click on images for full view) Sunday’s Fifth Annual Service to Pope John Paul II at Stan’s was absolutely beautiful and inspirational. The service focused on JP II’s profound devotion to Mary the Blessed Mother and her influences on…
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BFA: One Night and Seven Churches – Holy Thursday – 04/09/09

                        For the third year in a row on Holy Thursday, B-F-A has put together a self-guided tour of seven historic churches in the Broadway-Fillmore area partaking in the…
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BFA: 07/04/1976

(click on image for full view) I was going through some old photos tonight and found this interesting picture from 1976.  It is of a neighborhood-wide parade in celebration of the United States’ Bicentennial…my father took the pic from our…
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BFA: Ashes at Corpus Christi

Snapped this quick pic at Corpus Christi during the 11:30 am Mass and the distribution of ashes. Nice mass… What a glorious day outside as well! Snapped the following after Mass of the church… Spring is in the air… [originally…
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BFA: Corpus Christi 360

Click here to see a 360 view of Corpus Christi Church’s interior…I am starting to play with panoramic views of different places in B-F…we will see what happens…I shot this early Saturday afternoon. [originally posted BFA]

BFA: Christmas Season ends with Matki Boski Gromnicznej

From Andy Golebiowski of Corpus Christ Church… Here are some photos from today’s Candlemas Mass at Corpus Christi, also known as Matki Boski Gromnicznej, also known as the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord at the Temple, also known…
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BFA: Sunday at Chua Tu Hieu Temple and Buddhist Cultural Center

(click here for full view of pics) Yesterday I met with Victoria Thuy of the Chua Tu Hieu Temple and Buddhist Cultural Center on Fillmore Avenue. Victoria teaches language at the center and she gave me the grand tour…see photos…
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