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My 5¢ – 01/31/2013

five cents

Welcome to Erie County I can see it clearly now.  It is like I have an eighty inch top-of-the-line HDTV as a window into politics down at the Rath Building and old Erie County Hall. The feud brewing between Erie County…
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Give My Regards to Broadway! – ALL ACCESS PASS with Nelson Starr

This little gem came out yesterday… Nelson Starr is the individual who got Anthony Bourdain to visit Buffalo…he also has a local internet food program which explores all the joys of the Buffalo food scene. I love it… Visit Nelson…
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BFA: Interview with the new Broadway Market Manager Tom Kerr

Last week I sent some questions to the new Broadway Market manager Tom Kerr to get a little background on him, his vision for the Market and why he took the job…the below are the questions with his responses. ———————————————————–…
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Go Bills!!!

(click on the image for full view) I love my old neighborhood and I love that I can post things like the above on the Broadway Market’s electronic signs!!!!

BFA Video: A United States Senator and Congressman went to Market…the Broadway Market!

Broadway Market: City of Buffalo Energy Conservation Improvement Program Announcement from Christopher Byrd on Vimeo. The Broadway Market was electric today…no other way to describe…the place was packed all day with shoppers…adding to the electricity was the presence of New…
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Broadway Market Easter Cam

Got the Broadway Market’s Easter Cam up and running through next Saturday!

Horseradish THIS

Snapped these this morn…Wanda from the Broadway Market’s Famous Horseradish stand in action. I have probably posted this before, but there is no other horseradish on the planet better than what comes from Wanda’s hard work. As an aside, this is…
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